Ajax request returns 400 bad request — February 13, 2018

Ajax request returns 400 bad request

Try adding contentType and contentType in your ajax request.
For example:--
contentType: "application/json; charset=utf-8",
dataType: "json"
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Ubuntu IPTABLE useful commands —

Ubuntu IPTABLE useful commands

List all rules
sudo iptables -L --line-numbers

Above command will list all rules with (num) in first column for each rule.

Now we can delete them by num
sudo iptables -D INPUT (num)

Super awesome example is here.

To block an IP 
sudo iptables -A INPUT -s xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx -j DROP

xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is any IP address
mysqldump exclude some tables — January 27, 2018

mysqldump exclude some tables

if you want to exclude multiple table here is the simple command to do it

mysqldump -h yourHost -u dbUser -p dbName --ignore-table={dbName.table1,dbName.table2,dbName.table3,dbName.table4} > exportFile.sql

When I tried below command I was getting this error “Illegal use of option –ignore-table=.” . But the above command save my life.

mysqldump -h yourHost -u dbUser -p dbName \
 --ignore-table=dbName.table1 \
 --ignore-table=dbName.table2 \
 --ignore-table= dbName.table3 \
 > dbName.sql
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How to install PyDev — January 21, 2018

How to install PyDev

Code Yarns 👨‍💻

PyDev brings support for working with Python files to Eclipse. Installing the PyDev plugin for Eclipse is very easy:

  • Go to Help -> Install New Software. Click on Add and add http://pydev.org/updates if you want the Stable version or http://pydev.org/nightly if you want the bleeding edge versions.
  • PyDev appears in the list below, choose it and follow through the dialog, giving it install permissions and it will be installed. You will need to restart Eclipse to use PyDev.

Tried with: Eclipse Luna 4.4.1 and Ubuntu 14.04

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