Javascript createElement() — March 26, 2018

Javascript createElement()

var bookform = document.createElement("form");
bookform.setAttribute('onSubmit', "return validateForm(this)");
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javascript Get query string parameters — December 11, 2017

javascript Get query string parameters

Now there is super easy way to do this.

// Assuming "?post=1234&action=edit"
    var urlParams = new URLSearchParams(;
    console.log(urlParams.has('post')); // true or false
    console.log(urlParams.get('post')); // get the value of key (post)
    //if u have more than one query parameters with same key
    console.log(urlParams.getAll('action')); // ["edit"]
    console.log(urlParams.toString()); // "?post=1234&action=edit"
    urlParams.append('active', '1'); //append new key and value to query string

for more help read this article

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