Open .swf file in browser — January 4, 2018

Open .swf file in browser

We can play a swf file in chrome or firefox but sometimes the browser downloads file instead of playing it. Here is solution to this problem. To play this file we need flash player and we need to use html embed tag . But need to give file path with http or https because the browsers does not open local file paths such as (file:///var/www/html/test/home.html).

Windows take screenshot and save it — December 28, 2017

Windows take screenshot and save it

simply use windows + printScreen. Windows will save screenshot in Pictures Directory. There are so many option to capture screen in windows but most of them just copy content to clipboard and then we need to paste that content in some editor to save it. No need to do that now 🙂

Migration error while migrating site to godaddy wordpress managed hosting — December 21, 2017

Migration error while migrating site to godaddy wordpress managed hosting

Godaddy has a great option to migrate site from any server to godaddy if we have purchased WordPress managed hosting. But sometimes it does not work and shows message like Migration error when we start migration and there is no log file where we can see any error which stopped the migration. If we call customer support they cant help us much. This is the link to post which can help easy migration to managed hosting. So basically need to move files through SFTP and need to import the Database as Godaddy provides a SFTP user and a phpmyadmin account.

Html add icons to select option — December 19, 2017

Html add icons to select option

The option tag removes all the other tags included. Lets say we want to add a font-awesome icon to select option like this

<option>Price Low to High<i class="fa fa-long-arrow-down" aria-hidden="true"></i></option>

but we cant. So solution to this issue is UNICODE CHARACTER. So we can do it like this.

<option>Price Low to High </option>

if we want to use font awesome icon then assign font family to SELECT like this

<select  style="font-family: 'FontAwesome';">
<option value="price-up">Price Low to High </option>

Read this for better explanation.